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​Journey of a Dance Teacher 

Being a dance teacher doesn’t mean getting your

qualifications, opening a syllabus book and start

teaching. As with any profession or craft one has to

endeavor to advance and improve one’s knowledge

I have attended workshops and seminars in New

Zealand, Australia and England. I’ve taught at my step

son’s English academy in Japan. An international

conference in Finland was an enriching experience for my

students and helpers. Prior to the conference we took a

train to St Petersburg where we enjoyed forty eight hours


                  FOLLOW YOUR PASSION    


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Ballet Shoes


Cos​tume Hire

My latest picture book

Jacob has trouble finding some things in his house but with help from his mother they are soon located. However one morning there is something he just can't find. Jacob and his mother need to get in their car and drive to town for help.

Dance a poem books come with CD/USB and instructions on how to act out poem with music ie

I'm a Little Kiwi is sung by a child to the tune of I'm a Little Tea Pot

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